Australia's youngest racers - Come join them!

Do you have a 7 – 9 year old child who loves the idea of going fast? How good would it be to watch them cut laps at some of the best tracks Australia has to offer with a huge smile on their face?

The Micro Max category is the youngest group of drivers to compete at the Nationally recognised Sparco Rotax Pro Tour.

Most Micro Max competitors in 2018 used the same tyres for practice as they did racing – an extremely economical way to go racing.

Close, competitive, clean racing with more lead changes and passing than you can imagine. These youngsters take it for what it is, best mates off the track respectful competitors on it. No matter what the track, race or title up for grabs these kids are simply there to enjoy going fast and racing hard.

IKD are significantly working on growing the Micro Max category. In 2019 there is one ticket to the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals (World Finals) up for grabs. To help with this IKD are offering a limited number of Micro Max Lease engines to new competitors wanting to come and try Rotax Racing. Its simple, pay a lease fee of $1000 we send you the engine, practice and race as much as you like between now and the end of the 2019 season, if you love it like we think you will – we will offer the engine to you to buy at an attractive buy price, if not simply hand it back to us!