Fixation Of Wiring Harness

Dear Customer,

The following information is very important to ensure a proper function of the new Wiring Harness (Part. No. 666831).

Issue No. 1
Please fix ground wire (1) directly on the retaining plate by removing lock nut M5 of the rubber buffer. Make sure the additional wire (2) is either fixed together with ground wire (1) or is adequately isolated on the wiring harness. Another important operation is the usage of a cable tie (3). Please make sure this cable tie fixes the ground wire on the retaining plate. These steps are necessary to avoid a break of the ground connector caused by vibration.

Issue No. 2
In the last few weeks some of you have informed us about broken wires/connectors in the area of the starter relay. Please make sure both relay connectors (1) are installed in a horizontal position. Double-check the wires as well as the central connector and they should be installed without tension. Caution must be taken when removing the central connector as any excess force or movement can cause a breakage.