Junior Max Trophy

The Junior Max Trophy class was created to provide less experienced Junior drivers with the opportunity to race at the Rotax Pro Tour, against other Junior drivers of the same experience level. The class uses the Junior Max engine with a controlled chassis (Intrepid Freedom) on the Mojo D2 tyre. Certain components - for example the axle, wheel hubs, steering eccentrics and wheels - must remain completely standard as supplied. This concept keeps it simple and encourages drivers to improve racecraft in a performance category before making their step-up into the main Junior Max category.


With the Rotax 'Engine for Life' concept, the Junior Max engine can be converted into a Senior Max engine via a simple upgrade kit. This takes away that expense of purchasing another motor for when drivers are progressing into Rotax Light or Rotax Heavy.

AGE 13 - 16 years
(Subject to KA Regulations)
Please Note: Australian age restrictions do not currently synchronise with the CIK-FIA age restrictions. Please check with CIK-FIA regulations for age restrictions that could affect a Junior driver's eligibility overseas.
LICENCE KA Junior 'B' Grade
(Subject to KA Regulations)
LEVEL Rotax Pro Tour
CHASSIS Intrepid Freedom 30mm (Confirmed for 2018)
ENGINE BRP-Rotax 125 Junior Max / BRP-Rotax 125 Junior Max Evo
TYRE Mojo D2 Slick Tyre / Mojo W2 Wet Tyre
WEIGHT 140kg minimum kart/driver combined
  Technical Guidelines Version 1.9