3 Classes Vying For Rotax US Open Las Vegas Prize

In 2016, competitors racing in Rotax 125 Heavy, Junior Max Trophy and Mini Max all have one destination on their mind - Las Vegas!

The winners of the prize will receive a free invitation to the Rotax US Open Rio Hotel Las Vegas, held on November 1 – 5, 2016. Included is free entry into the event and use of a chassis and engine package with support and tuition from the Oregon based RPG Race Team.

Reigning Junior Max Trophy Champion Reece Cohen got his first taste of the event in Las Vegas last November, and thoroughly recommends the experience to all the drivers competing for this year’s prize.

Above: Junior Max Trophy Class prize winner Reece Cohen on the grid at last year's Rotax US Open at the Rio Hotel Las Vegas.

“Vegas was amazing. The setting, the track, the commentary, the huge team trucks and the racing…it all created an unreal atmosphere,” said Reece.

“The track is set up only once a year, so no one had any pre-testing advantage and we were able to go over there and mix it with some of the best drivers from all over the world.”

With the prize now also being offered to Rotax 125 Heavy and Mini Max, three drivers in total will travel to this year’s event in Las Vegas and compete as part of the Rolison Performance Group. The RPG Race Team has over a decade of knowledge and experience in kart preparation, tuning and analysis, and delivers when only the best will do.

“Mike and the team at RPG were great. They have a big truck, a big tent, and an awesome crew who were very professional and easy to work with,” said Reece.

“Thanks to our new sponsor Massel, we will be returning to the event this year to race with Mike and the RPG team once again. We are even trying to get the budget together to compete in all three rounds of the 2016 Rotax US Open series.”

Round 2 of the 2016 Rotax Pro Tour at Warwick is the next opportunity for drivers to score valuable points towards this remarkable prize. If you’re a competitor in Rotax 125 Heavy, Junior Max Trophy or Mini Max, be sure to enter and you could be on your way to racing in Vegas!

Round 2 will take place at Sandy Creek Raceway on the 26th – 28th February, with entries for the event closing this Sunday 21st February. To enter now click here. For more details, please visit www.rotax.com.au