Rotax 125 Heavy

The Rotax Heavy class is a high performance category for heavyweight drivers aged 16 years and older. The class races on the higher grip Mojo D3 tyre, with the engine required to meet controlled technical specifications. It is not an internationally recognised class, although it is just as competitive as Rotax Light, and features at the Pro Tour and National events throughout Australia.

AGE 16 years +
(Subject to KA Regulations)
LICENCE KA Non-restricted Senior 'B' Grade
(Subject to KA Regulations)
LEVEL Club, Rotax Pro Tour and International
ENGINE BRP-Rotax 125 Senior Max / EVO
TYRE Mojo D3 Slick Tyre / Mojo W2 Wet Tyre
WEIGHT 180kg minimum kart/driver combined
(kart weight must not exceed 100kg)
  Data Sheet Technical Rules