Rotax Pro Tour

The Rotax Pro Tour is a nationally recognised Karting series that offers the highest level of competition in Australia to owners of a Rotax 125 MAX Engine.

Presented by RaceMax, the Rotax Pro Tour is a 4 round series which in 2021, visits New South Wales, Queensland, Canberra and Victoria. Each season drivers compete for the prestige of competing for invitations to compete at the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals and representing Australia on the World stage. Winners of the Rotax Pro Tour are also awarded the coveted #1 Series Champion plate.

What makes the Rotax Pro Tour really stand out is that it gives you - the customer - more of what you want at a race meeting. Strong competition, heaps of practice time, longer races, prizes and a great social atmosphere. It is the experience that racers from all over the country have come to enjoy!

RaceMax is delighted to present the 2021 Pro Tour, please click here for details


Micro Max

2019 Jaxson Burns QLD
2018 Peter Bouzinelos VIC
2017 Harry Arnett VIC
2016 Sebastian Ruiz ACT
2015 Jack Westbury QLD

Mini Max

2019 Kristian Janev VIC
2018 Costa Toparis NSW
2017 James Wharton VIC
2016 James Wharton VIC
2015 Bayley Douglas QLD

Junior Max

2019 William Seal NSW
2018 Jaiden Pope NSW
2017 Jac Preston QLD
2016 Cody Brewczynski NSW
2015 Zane Morse ACT
2014 Zane Morse ACT
2013 James Abela NSW
2012 Thomas Randle VIC
2011 Joseph Mawson NSW
2010 Jonathan Venter NSW
2009 Ben Jurczak QLD

Rotax 125 Light

2019 Pierce Lehane NSW
2018 Joshua Hart NZ
2017 Brad Jenner VIC
2016 Cody Gillis NSW
2015 Pierce Lehane NSW
2014 Brad Jenner VIC
2013 David Sera VIC
2012 Pierce Lehane NSW
2011 David Sera VIC
2010 David Sera VIC
2009 David Sera VIC
2008 David Sera VIC
2007 David Sera VIC
2006 Hayden McBride NSW
2005 David Sera VIC
2004 Scott Auld QLD
2003 Bart Price VIC
2002 Josh Arandt VIC
2001 Matthew Wall VIC

Rotax 125 Heavy

2019 Lane Moore QLD
2018 Lane Moore QLD
2017 Kris Walton QLD
2016 Shay Mayes NSW
2015 Chris Farkas QLD
2014 Mason Barbera QLD
2013 Michael Saller NSW
2012 Matthew Wall VIC
2011 Troy Woolston VIC
2010 Simon Myer NSW
2009 Matthew Wall VIC
2008 Kel Treseder QLD
2007 Kel Treseder QLD
2006 William Yarwood QLD
2005 William Yarwood QLD
2004 William Yarwood QLD
2003 William Yarwood QLD
2002 Brett Davidson VIC
2001 Damien Myer NSW


2019 Ryan Kennedy QLD
2018 Ryan Kennedy QLD
2017 Josh Fife ACT
2016 Nathan Tigani NSW
2015 Jason Pringle VIC
2014 Bas Lammers NED
2013 Kel Treseder QLD
2012 Lucas Ward QLD
2011 Jason Pringle VIC
2010 Damian Ward QLD
2009 Brinley Gread NSW
2008 Troy Woolston VIC

DD2 Masters

2019 Troy Bretherton QLD
2018 Troy Woolston VIC
2017 Troy Woolston VIC
2016 Lee Mitchener VIC
2015 Adam Hunter NSW
2014 Adam Hunter NSW
2013 Daniel Richert VIC
2012 Daniel Richert VIC