PRo Tour ROund 1 Weekend Report 

It's Good to be back!...

After covid lockdowns, cancelations and postponements Rotax Pro Tour is back with a bang in 2022. Canberra Kart Club hosted Round one, which started the season over the weekend of the 25th to 27th of April. Over 100 entrants travelled from across Australia to race and compete for a chance to win a wildcard seat for this years Rotax Worlds Event.


Micro Max  

Hunter Pearce set the pace for Micro Max throughout most of the weekend. He beat Austin McPherson by .009 to claim pole position and then the first 2 heats. McPherson spent time honing his craft and after track walks and some fine-tuning his Praga he came back to win heat 3. Koda Sing was Mr. Consistent finishing 3rd all weekend long. Pearce won final closely by Sing and McPherson 3rd


Mini Max 

Corey Carson topped most of the practices, but when it counted Jensen Tyler Marold pipped him for pole by .003! The top 4 Mini’s were extremely close all weekend, exchanging fastest lap times between them. In the end it was Carson who took the win, closely by Micale and Carr not far behind in 3rd.


Junior Max 

Aryton Dalmaso looked to be quickest out of the gate during practice, but he was out qualified by James Carlo Anagnostiadis. The competition was looking fierce as the top 11 were covered by less the 2 tenths of a second! The heats were hectic with a new winner each heat, it was Walton the stood out from the crowd when he drove away to win the pre-final by almost 4 seconds. It was a Parolin 1 - 2 in the final with Walton winning McInerney 1st and 2nd and Kayden Thompson rounding out the top 3.


Senior Heavy 

Brock Stinson, Chris Bregonje, Regan Payne and Matt Lopino battled out the heats. It seemed to be the best racer taking the heat wins as each of the fastest lap times were always further down the field. Stinson was caught up in a mingle in the pre-final and had his work cut out for him to make it back in contention for the final. The final result was Bregonje 1st, Lopino 2nd and Matt Greenbury 3rd.


Senior Light 

Costa Toparis and Jackson Souslin-Harlow topped the timesheets during the practices. Toparis dominated the heats winning them all. The Pre-Final was named the most exciting race of the weekend as the entire field was changing places multiple times a lap. Harlow beat Toparis to the line to claim pole for the final. Toparis was too good Winning again in the final, Gianmarco Pradel 2nd and Tyler Howard 3rd.



Josh Bethune won most of the races in DD2, but Jonathon Marcusson always had the quickest times there was nothing between them. It was a controversial finish as Bethune crossed the line first and then was disqualified when a part from his rear bumper had disconnected through the race. Marcusson was promoted to the winner and Venables 2nd.


DD2 Masters 

Troy Bretherton was in a league of his own all weekend, he was the only master to keep up with the open class drivers. He also won the weekend, Scott Howard 2nd and Nathan Taylor 3rd.

The round 2 countdown has begun, as we head to Geelong Kart Club in Victoria; which is located on outskirts of Melbourne over the 12th-15th of May.